What Is Web Hosting

When you are starting a website online, you think about few things such as: What platform our website should be on? Where to host the website and what should be the name of our website. In this eBook you will learn everything about web hosting and domain name.

To start your own website/blog you need to purchase two things: Domain and Web hosting. Think of domain name as your house address and webhosting as your house. Webhosting is the place where all the files (Images, CSS, coding) of your website will be placed, and when users type your domain name, they will be accessing those files from your web-server to their browser in the form of website.

In order to have your Website accessible from everywhere in the world, you need to host your blog (WordPress, Images, files). You can do it on your computer too, but you can’t guarantee 24 X 7 online access. Moreover, you have to set up everything including backup, security for your home computer.

Solution to this is to rent (buy) a hosting space from a renowned web-hosting company, as your website will be up 24*7. Moreover, these webhosting companies will also take care of other aspects like security of server, taking timely backup of your website and other services to run a smooth WordPress website.


How website works?

Before you understand more about webhosting, it’s important for you to understand how website works. As I explained above, domain name is the address (ex: ahmanblog.com is a domain name), and all the files are stored on a web-server which is what we call web-hosting. This webhosting have an I.P address such as and when a user type the domain name on their browser (ex: ahmanblog.com) your browser sends request to DNS (domain name service) which tells browser to access website at the following I.P address (

In short DNS does the mapping between domain name and webhosting.

You can buy domain name from one service and buy webhosting from another. All you need to do at your end is, point the Name-server of your domain to your webhosting. Don’t get confused with these technical terms, as I have explained it in detailed here.

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