Keeping up with changing social media trends and platforms can be daunting to small organizations looking to get the most out of online marketing to support and promote their services. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to utilizing social media and not all social media platforms may be right for your organization. I offer advice and support on how to GET STARTED a way that fits your needs and capabilities.

Why choose me?

My professional experience speaks volume for me. It’s crafted carefully, studied through the scale of human psychology, and created to stand the test of time. I was able to launch a freelance writing career, which has earned me thousands of dollars to date.

I was able to package an information product – an eBooks, videos – that now fetches me side income consistently on a monthly basis. So, I can replicate these successes for you, too if you decide to hire me.

I have worked with professionals from all walks of life; alas due to the classified nature of the projects I can’t display them all here except on your acknowledgment.

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