The Emotional Female – What Women Craves In A Relationship

In contrast to men, women are naturally more in-tune with their emotions and feelings. They’re better at spotting detail and reading body language. Women, as the nurturer, tend to want to take care of things. Women feel men are like children, who need a woman to take care of them.

It’s because women are usually the ones to look after and care for their man, they can start to feel under-appreciated when their efforts are not acknowledged. While men are busy trying to be the ‘man’ of the relationship, they fail to appreciate or notice the little things women do for them.

Once a woman feels she isn’t loved or appreciated anymore, she’ll soon start to look elsewhere. In the same respect, if she feels the man isn’t providing enough for her (support, security, love etc), she’ll also feel inclined to look for those things elsewhere.

Men might want to say women are confusing and because their actions don’t always make sense, some may even call women evil.

Women are much more emotion-driven than men. This can certainly make their reasoning and actions seem rather spontaneous and difficult. Women also have a wild side that likes to be entertained. They love surprises, challenges and adventures. They would rather not plan everything miraculously before actually doing it… eg going out for dinner.

In the heart of all women, they dream of their knight to swept them off their feet and take them away from predictability of life. All that; means is they want their man to be spontaneous, romantic and take action without needing to be asked.

Women also tend to notice the details. They care more for small sweet gestures on a regular basis than grand gestures that happen in a blue moon. They love to be hugged, kissed and flirted with everyday if possible.

Are they too much work? They don’t need to be but if men mistakenly feel once they have done all the hard work of getting the woman, he can slowly stop trying anymore. The truth is, the courting process should never end. Not for a woman at least. If you want her heart, you need to constantly woo and date your woman.

Sex also means different things to a woman. Women associate a lot of love and emotions towards sex. Whether they want to or not, women will always become attached to whomever they share the bed with.

The problem with women can be equally said about men. They fail to think men are men and therefore communicate as if they are a woman. Men do exactly the same thing, and because of this, a lot of conflict, confusion and misunderstanding will develop.

The best way to communicate is to keep in mind that they DO think differently. Pay more attention to the details. What women say is rarely what they truly mean, this will be a hard one to crack but if you play emotional detective, you’ll be able to sense what she truly is thinking from her body language and her actions.

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